Cascie Kambouris, Founder of My Little Friends

Hi, I'm Cascie​...

Over the years, I struggled with finding someone I could really trust with car seat installation, so I knew other Mums must be facing similar issues.

And being a Mum, I understand how time-poor we are, so waiting around in a store for 30 minutes or more is not an idea that sparks joy!

My Little Friends was created as a way for the Mothers of Brisbane to have a safe and easy way to have their car seats installed at their home when it's convenient for them.

Our all-female car seat installers undergo face-to-face training, ensuring their qualifications are the most up-to-date, so you can rest assured your most valuable cargo is kept safe and sound.

I have completed both Kid Safe and Australian Child Restraint Resource ( ACRI) Training and now act as the National Trainer for ACRI.

If you have any questions please just call, we are always available to help.

How can we help?

If you have questions, we'll find an answer! Whether it's choosing the right seat, understanding when to upgrade, or if you just need a sane person to speak to, get in touch via the form at the link below, or call one of our friendly team on 1300 955 535.

Frequently Asked Questions

How far in advance should I make my appointment?

If you are expecting a baby, we recommend having your seat or capsule fitted 2-3 weeks before your due date. For most parents, this will cover most eventualities. For a regular seat fitting, booking around a week in advance will usually guarantee a reasonable choice of times.

Do I need to bring my child along to the fitting?

My Little Friends is a mobile service. We will usually come to your home for the fitting, so in most cases, your baby will be with you. To get the best fit we will pop your child or baby into the seat to ensure the correct seat belt position and make any necessary adjustments for the best and most comfortable fit for your child.

What does a fitting consist of?

We will install and then secure your car seat so that it feels like a part of the car. We will then take 10-15 minutes to show you how to use it correctly: How tight is tight enough with the harness straps, how to avoid head control problems, how and when to adjust those straps as your baby grows, how to avoid twists, and most importantly - how to do it all without hurting your back! This really is essential information for all parents.

My baby has outgrown the capsule, what is the next step?

Most babies will outgrow a capsule around the 6 month mark. There are now seats available which go from 6 months to 7-8 years, and while this would seem to be the perfect solution, we would never recommend this. The seats that say 6 months+ are really only indicating that they are a forward-facing seat only – they are NOT suggesting that you put a 6-month-old baby in that forward-facing seat. We would strongly recommend buying an infant seat, most of which are capable of rearward-facing for at least two years.

Then if further down the track another baby comes, you can turn the infant seat back around for the baby, and then buy a 6m to 7-8 years seat for the older child. This way you have done the best possible thing in terms of safety, and you also have a logical progression of seats.

Is it a legal requirement to have seats professionally fitted?

No. You can install your own restraint as every seat comes with a very comprehensive instruction manual. However, once installed, your seat should feel like it is part of the car. If there is sideways movement then it is probably not a tight enough fit. Keep in mind the job you are asking it to do, and think whether you would feel secure in the car if your own seat moved around that much. NEAR ENOUGH IS NOT GOOD ENOUGH IN THIS REGARD. Both the RACQ and QAS strongly recommend having your seats checked if you have fitted them yourself.

Do I do need to clean my seat before you arrive?

No. We can clean your seat when we arrive for a fee of $40 before we install it. This service includes covers removed, frame cleaned and sanitised, covers re-applied and straps sanitised.
This only applies to seats that have food, dirt and sand and alike in them and not to new seats.

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